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How iTwin Works

Create your personal Private VPN
Private VPN
Private VPN
Private VPN

How iTwin Works

Access Blocked Content
How it Works
Using your personal Private VPN Using iTwin Public VPN server

When you travel to places where your Internet content may be restricted, bring along the half of your iTwin device to be plugged into your laptop. You will be able to use it for unrestricted Internet access, in two ways:

VPN Setup - 60 seconds

Plug in iTwin on a home or office computer to create your own personal VPN gateway server in less than a minute! No configuration of IP addresses, DNS, routers or NATs is necessary.
Leaving one half of the iTwin plugged into your gateway server, take the other half with you to use in your laptop or any other remote computer, to gain access to your whole computer network using your domain credentials, from anywhere. You can remotely access resources on your office network such as ERP applications (e.g. SAP), network storage or printer.
iTwin makes it easy to create your own Virtual Private Network (VPN). You don't need to worry about IP addresses, adjusting settings on your router, or any other complicated set-up. Allow iTwin to do all the hard work for you.

Freedom For Internet Restrictions

Access geographically restricted sites and services when you travel and access popular social media sites in countries where they are blocked.
With the "Teleport Me" feature, you can either use your own Personal VPN created with iTwin or you can use one of iTwin's public servers deployed in various locations to get an unrestricted connection to the Internet. All your traffic will be routed through the host server of your choice and you can enjoy unrestricted access to geo-restricted sites.

100% Network Privacy

iTwin Connect ensures that no one can eavesdrop upon your activities when you access the Internet from untrusted hotel networks and public WiFi hotspots at airports and cafes that business travellers often work from.

With the "Teleport Me" feature, iTwin Connect encrypts all your data and routes it through a server of your choice. You can access personally sensitive information such as online banking without any worries about man-in-the-middle attacks even if your data traffic is monitored using deep packet inspection technologies.Any network sniffing or intelligent proxy servers in your location will be unable to decipher the data or ascertain anything about your browsing activities.

Zero-Config Remote Desktop

Access your Remote Desktop between Macs, PCs or across Mac and PC using your login credentials without configuring anything.

Access your Remote Files from Anywhere

Access your Remote Files across Mac and PC using your domain credentials without configuring anything. You can seamlessly search for files and folders on the remote computer, Map folders to a drive and access the files and folders directly from any application running on the laptop.

What Users Say

First of all it's really cool to get one click VPN between 2 PCs, especially in the case of both PC behind NAT. Traffic redirection is working very good - connection speed and ping are amazing. It's really good solution for some countries that have traffic restriction. Comparing to TOR network that I was using before - speed is very-very good.
- Sergiy Rozhko, Kiev.
The best thing about iTwin Connect is now I don't have to worry about what services are allowed in which country I travel to and who snoops on my traffic in which way. All the sites that I like to visit daily are accessible from anywhere in the world. Thanks to iTwin Connect. A must have for every traveller.
- Marcel Oedi, Chief Marketing Officer, London.