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How it Works

How iTwin Works

iTwin File Access
How it Works

How iTwin Works

iTwin SecureBox
How it Works
1. Plug iTwin into USB port 2. Plug iTwin into USB port
Encrypt and store your files in the Cloud by dropping them into SecureBox Folder. Directly access and edit decrypted version of your encrypted files in the Cloud from the SecureBox Folder.

DropboxTM Encryption

There may be some files that you need 24/7 access to, but the files may be confidential or too important for you to put them in the cloud?

With iTwin SecureBox you can place your draft proposal, your Password file, your private and confidential files in the cloud.

The convenience of the cloud allows you to have 24/7 access and your files stay secure because only your iTwin device can decrypt them.

iTwin works seamlessly with DropboxTM desktop application.

  • All the data you place in iTwin SecureBox will be encrypted with the key in your iTwin device.
  • The file names are obfuscated so that they do not indicate the content.
  • Any modification of your files without using the iTwin device will be detected.
store your data securely in the cloud.
store your data securely in the cloud.

Secure Collaboration

Have you wanted to send or share confidential files and worried if the cloud is a safe way to share them?

The iTwin device has two halves and both halves act as a key to your encrypted data. Give one half of your device to your client, business associate, friend or assistant and share files securely.

Put your data into SecureBox and send one half of your device across to your friend or collaborator.

Directly share files between any two computers without using cloud storage. Share files through cloud storage by securing your files within iTwin SecureBox.

Both parties who share an iTwin device will have bi-directional secure access to shared files without ever being aware of the encryption and decryption taking place via iTwin device.

NAS Setup - 60 seconds

iTwin File Access allows you to securely access your files and folders, even your entire hard drive.

It is as if you are carrying an access-key to all your files in a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Unlike portable storage, iTwin File Access lets your data stay safely at home (or office) and provides you direct access to the computer where it is stored

Like A Limitless Capacity Secure USB Drive

iTwin File Access allows you to edit and save remote files.

You can keep a single version of files on one computer, with you and your chosen collaborator(s) editing files on this version.

Say goodbye to multiple versions of files flying around by email or storing sensitive data on third-party servers.

Remote Editing of Shared Files

iTwin Multi for Collaboration

You can plug multiple iTwin devices into a single computer and use your computer as a centralized shared repository for files shared between a group of people.

You can update the files in the shared repository and the whole group will have access to the latest set of files.

iTwin Multi for Collaboration

Fine-grained File Permissions

You can grant read and write permissions or just read permissions to files and folders using the familiar File Properties tools of Windows or Mac.

If you do not want someone to access a previously shared file, you can simply "unshare" the file.

You can plug one half into your office computer and give the other half to your customer, business associate, client or assistant.
Fine-grained file permissions

What Users Say

First of all it's really cool to get one click VPN between 2 PCs, especially in the case of both PC behind NAT. Traffic redirection is working very good - connection speed and ping are amazing. It's really good solution for some countries that have traffic restriction. Comparing to TOR network that I was using before - speed is very-very good.
- Sergiy Rozhko, Kiev.
The best thing about iTwin Connect is now I don't have to worry about what services are allowed in which country I travel to and who snoops on my traffic in which way. All the sites that I like to visit daily are accessible from anywhere in the world. Thanks to iTwin Connect. A must have for every traveller.
- Marcel Oedi, Chief Marketing Officer, London.