iTwin allows remote data access with no cloud limit or fees Grey iTwin, broken in two. iTwin allows remote backup Sync files with iTwin

Connect Simply

iTwin is entirely Plug'n'Play. Plug one half into an online computer, plug the other half into any other online computer anywhere in the world and the two computers are connected.


Share the same work files with your entire team. Each team member can remotely view, edit and upload files to the shared folder so that everyone has access to up-to date information.

Personalized File Sharing

Instead of sharing one big folder with everyone, share different files meant for different people. Share music with your friends and images with your family simultaneously.

File Permissions

Choose between two levels of file permissions when sharing files with each contact. Ensure integrity of data and direction of information flow using File Properties feature.

Name your iTwin Pair

Give a name for each iTwin pair you own so that you can easily identify the person you are sharing your files with. This will help you to simultaneously share different files with friends and colleagues.

iTwin Multi FAQ

Have questions about using iTwin Multi on your PC or Mac? Find answers to your questions here.
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