Disable the lost half of your device

Do you have the disable code for your device? Disable Email

When you physically pair two halves of an iTwin device and plug into a computer, the software creates a unique randomly generated Disable Code. This code enables you to break the connection between the two halves.If you have lost one half, provide us this code and we will break the connection within 90 seconds.
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Buy a new iTwin half to replace the lost one. Connect the new half to your old iTwin half, plug it into a computer and you are ready-to-go.

Don't have an iTwin Disable Code?
You can still prevent data loss.

Unplug the other half of iTwin from your computer and buy a new iTwin half to replace the lost one.

Insert the iTwin half back into your computer only after it is attached to a new half. The new pair will be initialized and the connection with your lost half will be disabled.