We make the public Internet private

iTwin enables security and privacy for your data, when using the public Internet. And it does so without making you jump through hoops.

We want to shatter the myth that security and simplicity cannot go hand-in-hand. For too long, security designers have put crypto protocols and algorithms first and us, the users, second. A security chain is as strong as its weakest link and in current security systems, users have – through no fault of our own - become the weakest link.

With iTwin, we make data access simple without compromising on security or privacy. We have integrated security/privacy seamlessly into user-functionality. When using iTwin, security is an integral part of a pleasant user experience.

The Bane of Passwords

We experience User ID and password overload on a daily basis. And most of us avoid this overload by re-using (simple) passwords. The catch is that this habit makes us vulnerable.

Looking at our lives, we know people are comfortable with using keys. Without any complex learning or overload, we are intuitively able to associate the right key with the right door. Extending this mental model, we designed iTwin as a key. A physical device is simple to use, but still provides high security.

You can use iTwin without the optional password, and you still enjoy the security of the physical key. Nobody can access your data if they do not possess your iTwin halves, with their unique crypto keys. But if you want 2-factor authentication, we make that available as well. You simply set the optional iTwin password.

A Personal Tale

iTwin was created due to the personal frustration of Lux Anantharaman, CEO and co-founder at iTwin. Even though broadband Internet speeds were increasing, there was no simple, secure and private way to remotely access data. The simple solutions weren't secure and the secure solutions weren't simple. Lux and team resolved to develop a hardware solution which we could explain to our family, friends, and neighbours in 3 simple sentences. This resulted in iTwin.

iTwin's Story so Far

Our journey started at TechCrunch50 Conference in September 2009 where iTwin was well received. In July 2010, we raised our first round of funding from Walden International and Innosight Ventures. We launched the iTwin remote file access product at CES in January 2011 and in November 2011, iTwin raised its second round of funding for global expansion from 3V Source One and Walden International.

In October 2012, less than two years after launching the Remote File Access product, we launched iTwin SecureBox, which brings iTwin's security/privacy qualities to Cloud Storage, starting with DropboxTM.

People's primary concern about having their data reside in the Cloud, as opposed to it staying on their personal computer, is the security and privacy of the Cloud. Given how convenient and flexible Cloud Storage is as a means of on-the-go access and collaboration, people are willing to make that trade-off.

We want to enable everyone who uses DropboxTM on their computers to be able to be even more assured about their data's security, while making use of Dropbox'sTM wonderful features for on-the-go access. That is now possible with iTwin SecureBox – The Key to Secure Cloud Storage.

In January 2013, we launched iTwin Connect. Connect is designed to solve the myriad challenges faced by today's mobile professionals. Firstly, it ensures private and restriction-free browsing and secondly, it provides the mobile professional with remote desktop access, remote file access and access to the home/office network (i.e., acting as a personal virtual private network or VPN). iTwin Connect is built upon the sophisticated iTwinPro hardware platform and utilises iTwin's advantages - hardware-grade security and two-factor authentication - relative to competing solutions that do not offer as firm a security foundation.

Still More to Come

At iTwin, we are dedicated to 'making the public Internet private', without requiring you to forgo any of the joys and wonders that it offers. In fact, we are now working on further products for some other applications where iTwin's security/privacy can make a significant difference. The story continues… Please stay tuned.