Have you encountered Proxy Server related problems while using iTwin in Windows?

Follow the steps below to fix your problem.

1. If iTwin is plugged into PC, unplug iTwin.

2. If iTwin software has already been installed, uninstall iTwin. Click Start -> All Programs -> iTwin -> Uninstall iTwin.

3. Click on the big green button below to download proxyfix.msi file.

Download Proxy Fix

4. Click on the ProxyFix.msi to install iTwin ProxyFix. A Desktop icon will appear.

5. Click on your ProxyFix Desktop icon. iTwin ProxyFix is executed to fix your proxy problems.

You should be able to use iTwin now.

If your iTwin still does not work, contact iTwin HelpDesk immediately and we will solve your problem.


Once your proxy problems are solved, you don't need the ProxyFix software installed on your PC. To uninstall, Go to 'Add/Remove Programs' or 'Uninstall a program' option in the Control Panel.

Release Notes: iTwin ProxyFix: Version Released on January 09, 2012.