Privacy Policy

The company iTwin Pte. Ltd. together with its staff, (“iTwin”) respects your privacy. iTwin maintains this clear privacy policy, which describes how iTwin manages and protects all personal information that you provide to iTwin. This personal information may be provided to iTwin through your use of the website, or your purchase and use of the iTwin device, or by other means as described in this policy.

What this Privacy Policy covers

This Privacy Policy applies to your use of the website and the iTwin device.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to any third party forums, blogs or other media that you use to communicate with or about iTwin.

You and the Website

Your use of the website does not create a fiduciary relationship between you and iTwin.

Your Computer, Cookies, and the Website

Like most websites, uses cookies. does not store personally identifiable information in cookies. Rather, allows third party analytics software to place cookies on your browser, to help iTwin statistically assess general anonymous usage of the website. Examples of this type of information include technical information about your visit to such as type of Internet browser you used, the type of computer operating system you used and in the case of referrals, the domain name of the site from which the link to was activated. Other information is also collected such as the pages within that you visited and how long you spent on each page. This not only helps iTwin to assess general interest in various areas of the website, but it also helps iTwin assess the effectiveness of its online ad campaigns and PR programs.
You can disable cookies or manage them, using the tools provided with your browser software.

Your Purchase Actions and the Website

When you make a purchase on the website, iTwin collects various personal details that you enter in the fields both on the iTwin website and on the third party payment gateway that iTwin uses to process your payment. These details are securely stored and are used to manage the business relationship between you and iTwin. This relationship covers such relevant information as the delivery of your device(s), the date on which purchase occurred, and the safe return of unwanted or defective device(s).

When you purchase an iTwin device, you consent for iTwin to contact you by post and/or e-mail, as necessary for the safe delivery and, where necessary, return of your goods. You consent that iTwin may transfer this information to other affiliates of iTwin for purposes of securely updating and enhancing iTwin's records. The use of your information for these purposes will be kept to the minimum required.

iTwin and Your Email Address

From time to time, iTwin may contact you as a customer or interested party of iTwin, using the email address that you provided either at the time of purchase or using the email address that you provided during your request to receive a remote disable code, or using the email address that you provided to iTwin during general interaction at trade shows, meetings or sponsored events. This contact will usually be by email, and will usually relate to information about new iTwin software enhancements, upcoming promotions or other pertinent information. You can opt out of future contact by clicking on a clearly visible opt-out link in iTwin email communications with you.

iTwin reserves the right to send you communications relating to your use of the iTwin device as a service. You can elect not to receive certain marketing information from iTwin by email, but you cannot elect not to receive administrative messages relating to usage and security of your iTwin device, or about legal matters. You consent to receiving all legally-required notifications from iTwin, through the email associated with your iTwin account.

Data You Transfer Using the iTwin Device

When you use your iTwin device for any of its officially intended uses, (remote file access, file transfer, remote edit, media streaming or any other use for which your iTwin device was designed), the data in transit is always safe, secure and encrypted. iTwin (the company and staff) has no access to this data. The data is encrypted using the AES 256-bit standard and only the two halves of your iTwin know the key to encrypt and decrypt this data. Furthermore, the two halves generate a new key every time they are paired.

iTwin (the company and staff) may from time to time examine the amount of data you transfer using your iTwin device, (how many MB per day you might be transferring), so that iTwin can improve the capacity of its relay servers and forecast its internal expenditures.

Your iTwin Password

If you choose to set a password for your iTwin device, a cryptographic hash function of this password is stored on the iTwin device. iTwin (the company and staff) has no access to this password.

You and iTwin Support

If you have a technical issue that requires the assistance of iTwin support staff, you can contact the email address.

If you have a general query relating to purchase or other matter, you can contact the email address.

By contacting these email addresses you consent that iTwin support staff may contact you to help you to resolve the technical or logistical issue that you may be experiencing. The iTwin device is an easy-to-use product. However, in some rare instances, if your technical problem is unclear to iTwin support staff, it may be necessary for an iTwin engineer to establish a remote desktop session with your computer to resolve your issue. Your permission will be explicitly asked in this case, and the session established only with your active consent.

You, iTwin and Social Media

If your contact to iTwin is through the means of social media, (including Facebook and Twitter), you agree that iTwin may collect generally available social details about you as per the consent you provided when you activated your accounts on these social media services. This may include the collection of whatever details you agree to share with iTwin when you “Like” iTwin on Facebook or “follow” iTwin on Twitter. If you communicate publicly with iTwin through the means of Facebook or Twitter, you agree that iTwin may reciprocate communication with you using these means or by email.

You, iTwin and Third Parties

iTwin will not reveal details of your personal information/ data to any other person unless iTwin has your permission or is under either a legal obligation or any other duty to do so. All the information that you provide is treated as confidential by iTwin and is stored on secured facilities.

iTwin may share information about you if iTwin is required to do so, in order to respond to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal process, to prevent fraud or imminent harm, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.

In the event that iTwin is acquired by another company or transfers substantially all of its assets to another company, iTwin will transfer all of its user information and data, including information about you, to that other company.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

iTwin reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy if necessary in the future. The latest version of the iTwin privacy policy can always be found on the website.

This Privacy Policy is not intended to, nor does it, create any contractual rights whatsoever or any other legal rights, nor does it create any obligations on iTwin in respect of any other party or on behalf of any party.

The information is retained for as long as the purposes for which the information was collected exist. The information will be destroyed if you apply to deregister your records, thereby terminating your access to and your use of the iTwin device. You also have the right on payment of an administrative fee prescribed by iTwin to request access to and correction of your personal information held by iTwin. Please write to, with 'Personal Information Records' in the subject line if you wish to do so.