iTwin Mac (Released on June 15, 2012)

Check out release notes for the latest iTwin MAC software. Every time there's a new version of iTwin MAC software, you will be notified when you plug your iTwin in a MAC. You can choose to upgrade to the latest version - for free, if you already own an iTwin device. All you need to do is plug and play. iTwin makes remote file access really easy. As always, you're encouraged to tell us what you think - email us at:

Until Nov 2011, users need to explicitly download and install iTwin Mac software. In Nov 2011, we started selling iTwin devices which have iTwin Mac software pre-installed. Such devices will have plug and play install capability on Mac OS X machines (Plug and play install capability was always available on Windows).

  • What's New

    • User can set permissions for shared files and folders.

    • Improved file collaboration features.

    • User can share contents of devices and short-cuts even network drives.

    • User can rename files and folders.

    • Several UI improvements have been implemented to improve user experience.

    • Bug Fixes

    Fixed bug that earlier resulted in inconsistent files. Now, any file for which syncing (with the remote side) fails will be saved to the desktop when the iTwin device is plugged out.
    Fixed bug that sometimes cause Finder error -43 while creating new folder on both local and remote iTwin folders.
    Fixed a bug with setting correct file permissions.
    Fixed several crash problems.
    Fixed a bug that causes iTwin application to be unresponsive if user is switching to another iTwin device and saving a file at the same time.
    Fixed a bug that prevented iTwin from mounting if the device name includes some special characters.
  • System Requirements

    • iTwin requires MAC OS X server and desktop. Supported versions include Snow Leopard/Lion. iTwin also requires a fast broad-band connection.

  • Installing

    • Click on the update button when iTwin prompts you to install. If you prefer to install later, click later.

    • Like all iTwin software releases, this version is backward compatible.

  • Uninstalling

    • You can remove this version, (iTwin from your MAC through the System Preferences Panel, should you wish.

  • Known Issues

    • "save" or "save as" multiple files/folders (e.g. saving a complex html file) not yet enabled. Hence saving iWorks files has problems.

    • Download progress bar does not show accurate download status.

    • File overlays (like on windows) not yet enabled.

  • Coming Soon

    • Support for Mountain Lion.

    • Improved installation procedure.

    • iTwin will provide enhanced support for file collaboration and auditing capabilities.