iTwin (Released on May 18, 2011)

Check out these Release Notes for the latest version of the software that runs inside iTwin. Every time there’s a new version of iTwin software, you will be notified when you plug in your iTwin. You can choose to upgrade to the latest version for free, if you already own an iTwin device. All you need to do is plug and play. iTwin makes remote file access really easy. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think – email us at:

  • What's New

    • Fixed Several Stability and back-end server issues.

    • Fixed several UI issues.

    • Bug Fixes

    Fixed some memory leak issues.
    Fixed bug wherein iTwin cannot connect to remote computer even when Remote iTwin device is connected.
    Fixed bug wherein iTwin overlay icon sometimes does not show up.
    Fixed bug wherein iTwin application crashes when a file/folder is dropped on shared iTwin file.
    Fixed bug wherein iTwin disable email got delayed.
    Fixed bug wherein iTwin application sometimes crashes during shut down.
    Fixed bug wherein iTwin application installation fails when user uses modified explorer.exe.
    Fixed bug wherein iTwin application exits in Vista and Win7 when somebody remotely logs in.
    Fixed bug wherein iTwin application exits when user "switches" to a different account.
  • New Features

    • When user explicitly logs out or shuts down, warn user that iTwin selected files cannot be remotely accessed.
    •User can access iTwin Folder Files from within Windows Applications.
    • User can view thumbnails of images/videos/files.
    • User can click on a media file and start playing immediately, instead of downloading first and then playing.
    • iTwin works in network environments which use proxy servers.
    • Multi-language support – Currently supporting English and Italian.
    • User can delete files on remote PC. Deleted File moved to trash bin.
    • iTwin Files are virtual files (links) - hence appear with blue text to differentiate from regular files.
  • System Requirements

    • iTwin requires Win XP, Vista or 7 and a fast broad-band connection.

  • Installing

    • Click on the update button when iTwin prompts you to install. If you prefer to install later, click later.

    • Like all iTwin software releases, this version is backward compatible and will work with iTwin version

  • Uninstalling

    • You can remove this version, (iTwin from your computer through the control panel in the Start menu on Windows, should you wish.

  • Known Issues

    • Kaspersky antivirus software might block iTwin connection.

    • iTwin Watermark might not show up sometimes if Windows registry is corrupted.

    • Zone Alarm antivirus software might block iTwin connection and/or make iTwin folder empty.

    • When iTwin remote view shows thumbnails for certain items especially folders, background can be dark at times.

    • In rare cases, iTwin files/folders when accessed from open/save dialog of an application might not always work.

  • Coming Soon

    • In an upcoming release, we will allow more than one iTwin to function at any one time on an single one computer. So you’ll be able to have for example three halves of three separate iTwin devices plugged into your computer, each half providing simple and secure remote file access to another computer. All existing and future iTwin customers will benefit from this enhancement.