iTwin Windows (Released on February 1, 2013)

Check out these release notes for the latest version of iTwin software. Every time there's a new version of iTwin software, you will be notified when you plug in your iTwin. You can choose to upgrade to the latest version for free, if you already own an iTwin device. Let us know what you think - email us at:

  • What's New

    • Audit log feature has been incorporated.

    • Unicode characters like Chinese, Japanese etc. characters can be set as device name.

    • Some new messages have been introduced for better user experience.

    • Windows 8 Ribbon feature has been supported.

    • Bug Fixes

    Several crashes, especially SecureBox related crashes have been fixed.
    Some "Authentication and validation error" problems those were introduced in the last release have been fixed.
    Some overlay icon related problems (sometimes overlay icon was not shown correctly) have been fixed.
  • System Requirements

    • iTwin supports Win XP, Vista and Window 7.

    • iTwin requires a fast broad-band connection.

  • Installing

    • Click on the update button when iTwin prompts you to install. If you prefer to install later.

    • Like all iTwin software releases, this version is backward compatible.

  • Uninstalling

    • You can remove iTwin from your computer through the control panel in the Start menu on Windows, should you wish.

  • Known Issues

    • Kaspersky antivirus software might block iTwin connection.

    • iTwin Watermark might not show up sometimes.

    • Zone Alarm antivirus software might block iTwin connection and/or make iTwin folder empty.

    • In rare cases, iTwin files/folders when accessed from open/save dialog of an application might not work.

    • Downloading/opening Mac files with incompatible Windows file/folder names does not succeed.

    • Users cannot initialize iTwin device pair in non-admin account.

  • Coming Soon

    • Hot pairing