iTwin Mac on February 1, 2013)

Check out release notes for the latest iTwin MAC software. Every time there's a new version of iTwin MAC software, you will be notified when you plug your iTwin into a Mac computer. You can choose to upgrade to the latest version - for free, if you already own an iTwin device. Let us know what you think - email us at:

Until Nov 2011, users need to explicitly download and install iTwin Mac software. In Nov 2011, we started selling iTwin devices which have iTwin Mac software pre-installed. These devices have plug and play install capability on Mac OS X machines like on Windows.

  • What's New

    • Audit log feature has been incorporated.

    • Unicode characters like Chinese, Japanese etc. characters can be set as device name.

    • Some new messages have been introduced for better user experience.

    • Bug Fixes

    Fixed a "Authentication and validation error" problem.
    Fixed a Unicode file extension bug.
    Fixed a software update bug.
    Fixed several crashes.
  • System Requirements

    • iTwin supports MAC OS X server and desktop operating systems.

    Supported versions include Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion.

    • iTwin requires a fast broad-band connection.

  • Installing

    • Click on the update button when iTwin prompts you to install. If you prefer to install later, click later.

    • Like all iTwin software releases, this version is backward compatible.

  • Uninstalling

    • You can remove iTwin from your Mac by clicking on /Applications/Uninstall iTwin, should you wish.

  • Known Issues

    • "save" or "save as" multiple files/folders (e.g. saving a complex html file) not yet enabled. Hence saving iWorks files has problems.

    • Download progress bar does not show accurate download status.

  • Coming Soon

    • Hot pairing